Why Très Chef?

Because everything starts from our passion

In a world that tends to be increasingly global Très Chef strives to be as local as possible both on the choice of the ingredients  and on the materials used, the company care interpersonal relationships to give a human dimension, giving importance to the respect for people , work, experience, professionalism and trust. Whatever you are looking for in the sphere of high quality food, Très Chef offers exclusive services.



Très Chef offers a Chef for any occasion!

• Consultancy for hotels and restaurants •
• Professional training and updated courses •
• A private home gourmet  food services •
• Cooking school with class for beginners, professionals and enthusiasts kitchen •
• Weddings, private events dining services •
• Surprising food and presentation for business request • 
• An elegant and delicious catering in private palaces •
• Surprise and encourage corporate customers with cooking class teambuilding •

but not only, also….
... for a particular idea which we have not thought yet!!!